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The WesFest concert series is an ongoing celebration of the life of Wes Wehmiller, and of all the amazing ways he touched and still touches so many lives. Each WesFest concert is a time to enjoy the feast of sharing memories, renewing connections and making new ones; a time to share with others the musical life Wes so generously shared with us; and a time to raise money so that deserving students at Berklee College of Music may have the opportunities Wes and his friends had to nurture and support their growing musical spirits.

For this purpose, The Wehmiller family and Wes’ extended family of friends from all over the world have established the Wes Wehmiller Memorial Endowed Scholarship at Berklee College of Music in recognition of Wes’ contributions to music as a bassist. Each year, the scholarship is awarded to a continuing student of the electric bass whose musicianship, spirit, and visibility as a performer demonstrate his or her potential to carry on the talent and spirit of Wes. Celebrated annually, the WesFest concert series, and the accompanying WesFest concert DVD’s, have raised over $200,000 for the Wehmiller scholarship fund.

Winners of the Wes Wehmiller Scholarship Award travel to Los Angeles to play WesFest the year they are selected. The recipients so far include: Will Snyder (2006), Claire Finley (2007), Steffie Willis (2008), Justin Schornstein (2009), Joshua Tyson (2010), Hayley Jane Batt (2011), Jed Lingat (2012), Max McKellar (2013), Stefan Sandman (2014), and Maddie Jay (2015)! Your support ensures that future winners will carry the spirit of Wes well on into the future.

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