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Lars Inman

I Remember Wes

Lars Inman

I remember the RCA Laser Disc Player

I remember watching Breaking Away, Cannonball Run,

Smokey and the Bandit Part II, a lotThe maroon futon and maps on the wall in the TV room

Endless baseball games, sleep-overs, bike rides, and hours at the pool

Knocking on the screen door under the carport on Harvard Ave.

I will always remember perogies with ketchup

I remember Wes.

I remember driving in the yellow Vanagon to the velodrome in Lehigh

I remember thinking “I never sounded that good on the piano”

His catcher’s mask, chest pad, shin guards, and pick-off throws to second

Practicing the “Madison-sling” on Harvard Ave.

I will always remember the white bike helmet

I remember Wes.

I remember thinking “Where and how did he learn to play the guitar, and why are there only 4 strings?”

I remember Mr. Wehmiller’s left arm was always so tan from resting it on the car door when he drove

Wiffleball golf, board-games, and who knows how many birthday parties

Cheeseburgers on the grill in the backyard on Harvard Ave.

I will always remember the screen porch

I remember Wes

I remember laughter and kindness

I remember talent and strength

I remember a friend

I remember Wes

I will always remember Wes…

Close growing up buddy, Lars Inman, was a member of the Swarthmore Braves baseball team on which Wes and Abe played in the 80’s. Members of the Braves returned to their home town of Swarthmore on March 6th for the Celebration of Wes’ Life held at the Lang Music Hall at Swarthmore College where, along with Coach Henry Hofmann, the returning Braves served as ushers. Lars read this poem at a reunion of the Braves held that morning at the coach’s home.