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Wes Wehmiller Memorial Bike Race

On June 18, 2005 Wes’ friends at Veloworx Racing (San Vicente Blvd., Brentwood) hosted “The Rockin’ Omnium,” a series of races in Wes’ honor at the Encino Velodrome ( Mike Novitch from Veloworx organized this event, and wrote a very nice tribute to Wes in the evening’s Race Program – the text of that tribute is found in the “Tribute” section. Several of Wes’ good friends were present, and music from I, Claudius was played over the PA system during the races. The event honored part of Wes’ life that may not have been familiar to many, as he had only recently become active in serious road cycling and racing, but this was a passion and talent that he had for many many years.

Ride on, Wes.