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Mike Novich

Tribute from Mike Novitch

Mike Novich

This text was prepared by Mike Novitch of Veloworx Bicycle Store (Brentwood) for the program for the Wes Wehmiller “Rockin’ Omnium” Bike Races at Encino Velodrome on June 18. A few photos from this event are in the Miscellaneous Section of the Gallery.

Wes was a recent addition to the Veloworx Racing Team for 2005. He had purchased a starter road bike from our shop last spring and became addicted to cycling. He quickly grew out of the starter bike and purchased a real road bike and began a focused time of riding. He came in the shop often and asked questions about where to ride, equipment, and general questions about training. Every time he came in he looked stronger, leaner, more cut and more fit. He was riding almost every day, traipsing up and down the coast hammering all the difficult climbs off PCH. He was in fantastic shape. In the winter I asked if he had ever given any thought about racing. He hadn’t but was very interested and ready to take the challenge. We had become friends and as time went on I found that we had very similar interests beyond the cycling that be both loved. Wes was a professional musician. He had graduated from Berklee College of Music. He had been on the road with the pop band Duran Duran from 1997 through 2001. He had performed with Missing Persons and several other LA based bands and his work appears on numerous recordings produced in LA and Vancouver. In December 2004 Wes realized his lifetime dream gig, playing with ex-Frank Zappa guitarist and avant-garde solo artist Mike Keneally. Wes was also an avid photographer and we spent time talking about equipment as he had just put together a new studio and was working on his portfolio. His work can be seen at Wes was just an amazing guy who was great to talk to, a very gifted athlete and artist. He will be greatly missed but I am glad to have known such a wonderful soul.