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The 2010 Scholarship Winner is…

Joshua Tyson!

Says Berklee Bass Professor Danny Morris, “Joshua Tyson has a gift. Wes Wehmiller had a similar gift. The gift I’m speaking of is a talent, a groove, and a musicianship skill set enabling the bass player a keen sense for playing what works to compliment the groove of the song. This bassist knows when and when not to sound. This bassist knows when and when not to lead. This gift has as much to do with the dynamics of conversation as it does with technical prowess. Of course, the gifted bassist has all things in balance. This is what best describes the 2010 Wes Wehmiller Scholarship recipient Joshua Tyson. I am so excited to perform again with Joshua in LA next February at Wesfest 6. We had a blast at Danny Mo’s Family Reunion this past March in Boston where Joshua tore the house down within his first 3 notes. It takes a special gift to entertain, to entrain the listener into a zone of comfort and intrigue. Each year the scholarship recipients and their bands continue to shine and embrace what Wes Wehmiller was all about. In a nutshell, it was about aesthetic. The beauty that comes with art at it’s highest level during live performance. This is a milieu where everyone is at home, at peace and content to listen and praise the spirit of music and harmony. See you next February in LA and next March in Boston when we do it all over again.

With groove and health, Danny Mo.”

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