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SmugMug – Check out Wes’ photography!

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“It turns out that Wes’ eyes were as amazing as his ears; that the auditory genius of his music was matched by the visual aesthetic of his photographs. This is not surprising, I guess, since all of his life Wes had watched his father John behind the lens of the camera, producing magnificent photographs, that captured the grandeur of nature and the poignancy of family stories. But in the last several years, photography became Wes’ new creative frontier, a place to record—in another medium—his sensitivity to things subtle and small and barely noticed by the rest of us, a place to work his unusual wit and funky perspective, a place to see the universal in the particulars, and a place to transform struggle and suffering into pathos and beauty.” — Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot

“When a fellow photographer asked Wes who had inspired his brilliant photography he answered, ‘My Dad.’ And you could see it in his work – the love of the aesthetic and the love of mastery of technique. There is a wonderful pair of photographs, taken by John and Wes – each shooting a picture of the other – sighting down the rails of the track between them — each intensely regarding the other and the planet’s beauty.” — Charles R. Lawrence III

“Photography gave [Wes] yet another way to ever-so-quietly assess the world around him. His camera was the lens to a world only he could see, and his photos were a way of bringing his vision into our view. An empty studio. A faucet. A turtle named Nikolai walking through the streets of Santa Monica. This was the beauty he revealed to us.” — Abe Wehmiller

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