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Videos of Wes

Bass Solo

I, Claudius at Pounder’s in Escondido, CA

L to R: Griff Peters, Mike Keneally, Joe Travers, Colin Keenan, & Wes

“Mike Keneally sat in with us for the 2nd set. The song was ‘Bleed.’ We were all stretching out and indulging. The band devolved into even more than the usual goofiness. Then Wes, who very rarely took a solo, did just that. We were all amazed at what happened…”
–Colin Keenan


Into My World

Wes’ hockey accompanied by music; file created by Wes in 2002.


Roller Hockey 2000

This is one of the first videos Wes did of his roller hockey, sometime in 2000.


Roller Hockey 2002

Wes skating in a roller hockey rink, sometime in 2002.