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Universe of Wes / Links


Bryan Beller’s Wes Wehmiller Tribute Page – The official tribute to Wes Wehmiller at Bryan Beller’s website.

Griff Peters’ Wes Wehmiller Tribute Page – The official tribute page to Wes by Griff Peters, guitarist and longtime close friend.

Berklee College of Music Official Wes Wehmiller Scholarship Page – Wes’ alma mater pays everlasting tribute with a scholarship in his name.

The Universe Of Wes

**Wes’ SmugMug Site** – Wes was a compelling photographer, as evidenced by his collection of shots at this site.

Ali Handal – Ali Handal’s Official Website – lots of live photos of Wes performing. Wes played in Ali’s band from 2002 – 2005, and his bass artistry and photography are both featured on Ali’s 2004 CD “Breathing Underwater.”

Bryan Beller – Wes’ fellow bassist and friend dating back to their days in Berklee College Of Music in the early 1990’s. Not only did they make music together, but Wes’ photography appears on the cover of Bryan’s album.

Colin Keenan – To hear more of Wes Wehmiller’s great playing, check outTouched on MySpace

Dan Rockett – One of Wes’ most recent musical projects, in which he teamed up with Dan and fellow Berklee alum Dorian Heartsong to fulfill a musical plot to take over the world – starting with Los Angeles.

Danny Morris /Calypso Hurricane – One of Wes’ mentors and close friends, Berklee professor Danny Morris gigs regularly with his Boston-based band, the inimitable Calypso Hurricane.

Duran Duran – The official website of the band Wes played and toured with for five years. His work with Duran Duran brought Wes around the world, and brought the world to him.

Griff Peters – Guitarist and California native Griff Peters played with Wes for over ten years in various projects, including Wes’ rock band I, Claudius. Their musical history together is rich and unmatched.

Jackie Daum – Wes worked with singer/songwriter Jackie Daum throughout 2004 and early 2005, both live and on her upcoming debut release, and brought a deep groove to her deeply felt original music.

Janet Robin – Wes (along with friends Joe Travers and Rick Musallam) played several gigs with Janet, a singer/songwriter with ten years and several albums under her belt as a solo artist.

Jariya – Fellow Berklee College Of Music alumni Eve Buigues and Andrea Bensmiller comprise the core of Jariya, an original experimental music project with which Wes gigged around Los Angeles.

Joe Brooks – An L.A. based singer/songwriter with music in several shows on television, Brooks was one of many artists Wehmiller performed with.

John Montagna – Brooklyn-based John Montagna performed solo (bass/vocals) at WesFest 5. He went to Berklee at the same time that Wehmiller did in the early 1990’s, and counted Wes as a friend.

John Taylor/Trust The Process – The official website of original and current Duran Duran bassist John Taylor, who Wes counted as a friend.

John Whynot – A Grammy-award winning producer and guitarist, John Whynot performed with Tamara Silvera at Wesfest 5, and produced Silvera’s album Departures.

Joshua Tyson – The winner of the 2010 Wehmiller Scholarship award, Tyson is slated to perform at WesFest 6 in Los Angeles.

Justin Schornstein – 2009’s Wehmiller Scholarship award winner is an amazing modern gospel bassist, producer, composer and arranger.

Katy Towell – A web designer and graphic artist with an extremely diverse portfolio, Katy worked very closely with Wes to create several versions of his personal wesbite, Narcissistic Rage.

Keith England/Troubleman – Wes played gigs with Keith England’s classic rock/R&ampB band Troubleman, and also took many of the pictures shown on this page.

Kira Small – Nashville-based singer/songwriter Kira Small performed with Wes in shows with styles ranging from blues to funk to country (yes, country!) during their time at Berklee College Of Music in the early 1990’s.

Mike Keneally – Wes long aspired to play with former Frank Zappa guitarist and avant-garde solo artist Mike Keneally, and in December of 2004 he did.  Mike’s official website contains video of this performance and much more.

Mingo Fishtrap – The drummer for Austin, TX-based funky groovemasters Mingo Fishtrap is Chip Vayenas, who was one of Wes’ earliest college friends.

Rick Musallam – Guitarist Rick Musallam played many different gigs with Wes.

Tamara Silvera – Wehmiller tracked bass on singer/songwriter Tamara Silvera’s debut release, Departures, one of Wes’ last known studio recordings.

Tom Langford – Singer/songwriter Tom Langford’s new album, Here Comes Memory, features Wes’ typically brilliant bass playing on several tracks, and previous recordings do as well.

Tony Amonte – Wes wasn’t just a fan of Philadephia Flyers right wing Tony Amonte – they were friends as well. This is Tony’s official website.

Yogi – An L.A.-based guitarist in high demand, Yogi has shared stages with everyone from Bonnie Raitt to Slash, The Wallflowers, and Kid Rock, and has done just about every major TV show out there. For his own band, he chose Wes as the bassist.


The Hockey Hall Of Fame – The official website of the Hockey Hall Of Fame. Check out the heroes and legends of the game Wes loved and respected so much.

Hockey Canada (Amateur) – The official website of all things Canadian amateur hockey, from youth leagues all the way up to the Olympics. Hockey was one of Wes’ major interests in life.

Veloworx – When Wes got serious about cycling, this was the cycling shop in West L.A. that got serious with him.

Yosemite National Park – Wes and friend Griff Peters had some amazing adventures in beautiful Yosemite National Park, including a summit of one of Yosemite’s most famous peaks, Half Dome.