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Welcome to the brand new tribute website to Wes Wehmiller: Professional bassist, prolific songwriter, avid cyclist, insightful photographer, highly skilled hockey player…and a lover of people and all living things, a good friend, a loving brother, and a wonderful son to his loving parents. This is also the online home of WesFest, the benefit concert series and annual fundraising drive to benefit the Wes Wehmiller Endowed Scholarship at Berklee College Of Music.

The Wes tribute website was originally created in 2005 so that Wes’ close friends and family could share the memories of Wes, an amazing human being who, while taken from us so young, put so much out there for us to remember that a website can hardly do it all justice. Since then, the annual WesFest gatherings in Los Angeles have created a new, growing, vibrant community that’s raised over $80,000 for the Wehmiller scholarship fund. We felt that it was only right to redesign the website from the ground up, so as to reflect both the incredible life of Wes, and the ever-expanding WesFest community.

It’s our hope that, through the text, pictures, audio and video found within the site, you’ll grow to know and appreciate Wes as we do. Let us know what you think of the redesign, and stay tuned for plenty of content updates, including news about the next WesFest concert event, WesFest 6!

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